Microblading Bristol Eyebrows

Bristol eyebrows tattooMicroblading is the latest beauty care technique to give eyebrows a fuller, defined and enhanced look. In this technique, a group of 10-12 minute needles creates painless fine scratches and implant pigments to give the eyebrows a fake but fuller look and shape. The procedure is different from cosmetic tattooing which is also used to enhance the beauty of eyebrows but is more invasive and longer lasting. This semi-permanent solution to penciling your eyebrows daily for hours without getting the shape right, this treatment retains the natural look of your eyebrow; it only tries to enhance its beauty and rid you of the hassles of maintaining it on a day to day basis.  If you are looking for a microblading Bristol salon, you are in the correct place.


It does not hurt but is merely a sensation. The treatment is not at all painful and the numbing ointment applied before the treatment prevents your eyebrows from taking any stress while the procedure is performed. The whole process may take up to 2 hours, a good part of which, nearly 50 minutes, is actually spent in numbing. The treatment can be easily undone by home-based salt/saline solution. The pigments do not spur any discolouration of the skin or leave a scar. It is because of these benefits, microbladed treatment is also known as eyebrow embroidery. The technology is catching on fast amongst UK women, who remain its primary patrons, so far.


Bristol Microblading Aftercare


After treatment you will have to follow the aftercare instructions, especially don’t do any picking or scratching. While your eyebrows heal of the scratches, you may feel some irritation that you should ignore. Initially, your microbladed eyebrows will look like they are fading but you should not panic as the final colour reveals after around 30 days. Whatever gap is found is sorted out during the top up session that comes 6-8 weeks after the treatment.


How does it work?


Microblading is all about creating the best eyebrow shape by getting the right architecture for every face in a totally bespoke manner. The hand-held tool used in the procedure is like a pen with the nib narrowing down into 10-12 tiny needles that do not penetrate into the skin but cause delicate scratches and implants medical grade pigments in them like a nib does on paper while writing. It creates fine and realistic hair strokes on your eyebrows as per the design and shape already worked out. Unlike tattoos which work deep into the skin, this treatment is limited only to the upper layer of skin and because of the fine needles, it works better than tattooing and the hair strokes are more natural and fine. There is a chance that you could be sensitive or allergic to some pigments. So, it is a good idea to do a scratch or patch test before the treatment. Make sure that you are not allergic to the pigments that are going to be used on you.


How is the treatment performed?


The area is cleaned and prepared by necessary threading of hairs from the eyebrows. A numbing ointment is applied on the eyebrows. While the ointment is getting to work, the customer can decide about the colour and shade of the eyebrow. Measure the area near the brows to understand the shape, features, and symmetry of the face and the kind of brows that need to be designed. Now the actual work will begin the needling process. It softly implants the pigment with featherweight strokes. With each stroke, a fine superficial line is created on the brows where the pigments settle down. Put a fine layer of pigment on the brows and allow it to stay for five minutes. Remove it, and you have the eyebrows in an all-new look. After 6-8 weeks, you need to visit the salon once again for a top-up session, where the look and shape of the brow is further fine-tuned with more pigments


How long does it last?


A microblading treatment lasts from 1-3 years, the average time being the 18 months when the performance of the treatment is best. But it also depends on the type of skin as people with oily skin tend to lose the effects sooner, by 12 months or so. In normal skin types, a top up after every 18 months can give an uninterrupted look to your microbladed eyebrows. So, it lasts fairly long.


What should you avoid before your Microblading treatment?


  • Waxing, picking, tweezing or electrolysis during the week before treatment.
  • Sunbeds or direct sunlight during the last two weeks before treatment.
  • Any facial or peel during the last two weeks.
  • Retinol or Vitamin A rich products during the last one month.
  • Botox during the last three weeks.
  • Fish oil and Vitamin E for during last one week.
  • Waxing or tinting your eyebrows during the last three days.


What you should avoid on the day?


  • Alcohol during the last 24-48 hours
  • Coffee during the last 2 hours
  • Aspirin or ibuprofen during the last 24 hours


What you should avoid after? (1-7 days)


  • Botox or peels for 4 weeks
  • Exercise for 1 week
  • Facing direct sun for 1 week
  • Steamy and long showers for 10 days
  • Swimming for 10 days
  • Avoid make-up or skincare on your brows until they’ve healed.




It is a useful cosmetic treatment that enhances the beauty of the face by redesigning the eyebrows and filling it up with pigments with a machine specially made for this purpose. The treatment is quick and the person can return home after two hours at the Bristol salon. As the treatment lasts for as long as 18 months and saves the person time spent in grooming and caring for the eyebrows, it is catching on amongst women. The procedure is completely painless and does not have any side effect or allergic reaction on the skin, and is natural looking. Looking at the freedom that it brings to women from being consistently aware of their looks, it has great potential to become one of the most favoured beauty treatments. Though the cost of the treatment is on the higher side, it is comparable to other similar beauty care services. And considering the fact that it’s semi-permanent and lasts for nearly 18 months after every top up, microbladed treatment is still a lot more cost effective.





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