Microblading Newcastle Eyebrows

Newcastle Eyebrow MicrobladingLately, there has been a lot of talk on the subject of Microblading, the latest aesthetic eyebrow care technique to hit the market. The procedure is designed for ladies who want to gain a more defined and fuller shape and look to their eyebrows without however resorting to the recourse of cosmetic tattooing. In this procedure, a group of tiny needles (about 10-12) are used to create minute perforations on the upper layer of the skin on which the pigments are then implanted to give the eyebrows that enhanced and fuller look, albeit artificially achieved.


The way this procedure differs from cosmetic tattooing is that the effects of the latter are more long-lasting but it also uses a more invasive method. In other words, microblading is a semi-permanent solution designed as an alternative to penciling one’s eyebrows on a daily basis. It gives your eyebrows the desired look and shape but minus the hassle of day-to-day care. So, if you want to learn more about the technique and are in search of a proper microblading Newcastle salon, please read on; you’ve come to the right place!

Does it hurt?


No, there is hardly any pain involved. The most you will feel is a little prickling sensation and that’s all. Before the treatment commences, the technician will apply a numbing and soothing ointment on your eyebrows to make sure that your brows are not subjected to any stress whatsoever. The whole treatment takes up about 2 hours to complete and close to 50 minutes of that time is spent in numbing the skin around your eyebrows. Also, if, at any time, you want the effects of the procedure to be undone, that can be easily managed with the help of a simple homemade saline and salt solution. The treatment also does not leave any scar or does not lead to no discolouration of the skin either. It is due to these multiple benefits that microblading is also, at times, called ‘eyebrow embroidery’. The method is fast catching the fancy of UK women who, as of yet, remain the most enthusiastic patrons of the process.


Newcastle Microblading Aftercare


Once the procedure is complete, the beautician will detail you on the aftercare. There are things and activities you’ll need to avoid for differing periods of time, but more on that later in this article. But one thing you are to burrow deep into your mind that you ought never to pick or scratch at the treated places. Sometimes, you may feel a little irritation, especially once the eyebrows start to heal off the scratches. But this is altogether normal and you should ignore the sensation. Also, you will notice that the initial color of your microbladed eyebrows will start to fade slightly a few days after the treatment, but again, this is entirely normal. The real colour will only reveal itself around a month or so after the treatment. Finally, if you notice any gap between the eyebrows, this will be taken care of during the ‘top up’ session that typically takes place 6-8 weeks post the completion of the initial treatment.


How does it work?


It consists of creating the best possible architecture for your eyebrows so that your eyebrows are able to perfectly compliment your face. Based on the look and shape of a particular face, the technician first creates a customized design for each different face. Once that is done, the needles implant, following the already worked out design, medical grade pigments in the form of realistic and fine hair strokes. Unlike in cosmetic tattooing, there is no penetration involved. The nib with its delicate and fine needles only touches the upper layer of the skin. Subsequently, the process creates a better impression than what you get from tattooing since the hair strokes, in this case, appear finer and look more natural.
Some people, however, are found to be allergic or sensitive to certain pigments. So, we always suggest that you request your beautician a patch test before commencing on the actual treatment.


How is the treatment carried out?


To begin with, the technician cleans and prepares the area to be worked on by threading the hairs from the eyebrows. Then, it is time to apply the numbing ointment. Once the ointment is setting in, you get to choose the desired shade and colour for your eyebrows. In the meantime, the technician works out a design that he feels will best suit your face and checks it with you. Then begins the real work of needling and implanting the pigments with delicate strokes. Every single stroke helps create a superficial line upon the eyebrows and the pigments will settle down along these lines. Once this is done, a fine layer of pigment is put upon the brows where it sits for about 5 minutes and then, once it is removed, you have got your eyebrows in a whole new look. For further fine-tuning, a top-up session is arranged which takes place typically 6-8 weeks after the initial treatment.


How long does it last?


The effects last anything between one to three years, although the average is 18 months. Normally, your beautician will recommend a top-up session 18 months after the initial treatment since this will help you keep enjoying the benefits of the treatment without interruption. However, if you have oily skin, the effects may start to lose sooner than normal, typically after a year or so, in which case you will need an earlier than the normal top-up session.


Things to avoid before treatment


• Electrolysis, tweezing, picking or waxing for a week before the treatment.

• Exposure to direct sunlight or sunbeds, any peeling or facial for the last 2 weeks before the treatment.

• Retinol or products rich in Vitamin A for the period of last one month before the treatment.

• Vitamin E and fish oil during the last week.

• Botox for the last 3 weeks.

• Tinting or waxing your brows for the last 3 days before treatment.


Things to avoid on the day


• No ibuprofen or aspirin for the last 24 hours

• No alcohol for the last 1-2 days

• No coffee in the last 2 hours


Things to avoid during aftercare


• For 1 week, no exercise and no direct exposure to sunlight

• For 4 weeks, no peels or botox

• For 10 days, no swimming, no steam bath, no long showers

• Until the brows are healed, avoid using any skincare product or make-up




It is a radically new and effective treatment that comes with many benefits and has the potential to be one of the highly favoured beauty treatments in the near future. The process is painless, is semi-permanent and offers the women freedom from the obligation of daily care and grooming. At first, the cost of microblading may seem a bit on the higher side. But once you consider the benefits, such as the effects will last for as many as 18 months or more after each top-up session, you will see that the procedure is not only convenient but also, ultimately, a cost-effective one.


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